3B Medical Aer X Portable Oxygen Concentrator


Brand/Manufacturer: 3B MEDICAL

AX1000 Aer X Portable Oxygen Concentrator

               3B Medical Aer X Portable Oxygen Concentrator

3B Medical Aer X Portable Oxygen Concentrator is designed with active

X technology to keep the user oxygenated when they need the most.

It features easy to press buttons, indicator lights, a full-color LCD screen,

and a magnetic cannula port for safety. The oxygen concentrator brings

modern design and a smaller footprint for patients on the go.

It is a lightweight and more convenient portable oxygen option.

Aer X is more than just good looks. With it’s easy slide and snap function, maintenance is a breeze!

Aer X Portable Oxygen Concentrator Features

  • Lightweight and Simple to Use
  • Easy Access to the Inlet Air Filter, Cleaned Weekly and Replaced Every 6 Months
  • Patient Changeable Sieve Bed Cartridges – Replaced Yearly or When Oxygen Dips Below 85%
  • Auto X Breath Detection to Boost Oxygen
  • Noise Output is 40 decibels, to be Lower than Human Conversation
  • AC Plug Provides 24/7 Operation Capability
  • Pulse Volume Delivers 1,100 cc/min – 20% More than Competition
  • Operating the AEX inside the Carry Case Adds Venting and Storage, and Convenience
  • Magnetic Cannula Port Ensures Sealing and Purity and Detaches if Cannula Gets Caught
  • FAA-Approved for In-Flight Operation
  • Lithium-Ion Batteries: The battery will power the 3B Aer X without connection to an external power source. When fully charged, a single battery will provide approximately 4 hours of operation at a setting of 2
  • Oxygen Bolus: The Aer X’s Constant Pulse Volume delivers up to 1,100 cc per minute, almost 20% more oxygen than competing units. This higher capacity means that patients are more comfortable ambulating with the Aer X’s increased oxygen delivery


What Aer X Portable Oxygen Concentrator Includes?

  • Aer X POC
  • AC Wall Plug and Power Cord
  • DC Car Charger
  • Custom Carry Bag w/ Adjustable Strap
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 3 Ft. Ultra Soft Cannula


What to buy with Oxygen Concentrators

  • 3B Medical CPAP Wipes
  • 3B Medical Siesta Nasal CPAP Mask With Headgear
  • AIRFREE IRIS 3000 Filterless Air Purifier


Why Aer X Concentrator is unique?

Introducing Auto X

  • At 3B Medical we know that being on oxygen isn’t limiting your desire to stay active. Life doesn’t stop because of a diagnosis. For you we have created Auto X technology. Auto X keeps up with your oxygen requirements based on your breathing rates.
  • During activities that increase your heart rate, such as brisk walking or climbing stairs, your body requires more oxygen and you breathe faster. Aer X uses Auto X technology to detect your breaths per minute and will provide extra oxygen to fuel your Respiratory Engine.

Magnetic Port

  • The Aer X’s Magnetic Port is design for safety. In the event your oxygen cannula is caught on an object. The unique Magnetic Port quickly releases from the device.


When to use 3B Medical Aer X POC?

The Aer X oxygen concentrator device is used on a prescriptive basis by patients requiring supplemental oxygen. It supplies a high concentration of oxygen and is used with a nasal cannula to channel oxygen from the concentrator to the patient. The 3B Aer X may be use in home, institution, vehicle and various mobile environments. The Aer X Portable Oxygen Concentrator is not intend to be life supporting or life sustaining.

Aer X Oxygen Concentrator main components

AER X Main Components

How to use 3B Medical Aer X?

How to operate Aer-X Oxygen Concentrator?

Place the Aer X in a well-ventilated location

  • The Carry Case is recommend to allow proper airflow.
  • Air intake and exhaust must have clear access.
  • Place the 3B Aer X in such a way that auditory alarms may be heard.

Ensure the Inlet air filter cartridge is in place

  • The Carry Case is recommend to allow proper airflow. Air intake and exhaust must have clear access. Place the 3B Aer X in such a way that auditory alarms may be heard.

Power the Aer X

  • Install the battery
    • Slide the battery cover out and up to open. Insert the battery and close the cover.
      • Connect the AC Power Output Plug to the power source.

Connect the nasal cannula to the magnetic port

  • The cannula tubing connects to the magnetic port. To ensure proper sealing and purity, only use cannulas and accessories approve or sold by 3B Medical, Inc Replacement Magnetic Ports are available should yours become lost or damage.

Turn on your Aer X by pressing the ON/OFF button

  • Upon startup a long audible beep will sound. Begin breathing normally and the Aer X will begin to deliver oxygen. Set the Aer X Concentrator to the output setting prescribed by your physician or clinician. Use the arrow keys, to adjust the Aer X to the desire output setting. The current setting can be view on the display .

Position the nasal cannula on your face and breathe through your nose

  • The Auto X will sense the onset of inhalation and deliver a burst of oxygen at a precise time when you inhale. The Auto X will sense each breath and continue to deliver oxygen in this manner. As your breathing rate changes, the Auto X will sense these changes and deliver oxygen only as you need it. At times, if you inhale very quickly between breaths the Auto X may ignore one of the breaths, giving the appearance of a missed breath. This may be normal as the Auto X senses and monitors the changes in your breathing pattern. The Auto X will normally sense the next breath and deliver oxygen accordingly.Life doesn’t stop because of a diagnosis.
  • Make certain that the nasal cannula is properly align on your face and you are breathing through your nose.

How to operate battery of Aer X Concentrator System?

Ensure that the battery is in place and charged. While the Aer X is operating on battery power, the battery will discharge. The display will indicate the estimated remaining battery charge. When the Aer X detects that the battery life is low the yellow indicator light will illuminate. When battery life is low, do one of the following:

  • Plug the Aer X into an AC power source using the Power Supply (wall or car outlet).
  • Replace the battery with a charged battery after turning off the Aer X (by pressing the ON/OFF button).
  • If the battery is drained, charge the battery.Life doesn’t stop because of a diagnosis.

Normal Battery Charging

  • To ensure that your battery is properly charging make sure the battery charger is properly connected to the AC wall outlet and to the battery being charged. Observe the battery charger icon that indicates the unit is charging.

How to care for Aer X Oxygen Concentrator Battery?

Aer X Lithium Ion Battery requires special care to ensure proper performance and long life. Use only 3B Aer X Batteries with your 3B Aer X Concentrator. The Aer X battery comes precharged from the factory.
Battery Time Remaining The Aer X continuously displays battery level remaining. The on-screen battery display reflects the battery power left in the battery. The Battery Level Display will show a circle with a value of 10%- 100%. At 10% battery life, the RED INDICATOR light will blink on and off as a warning. When the battery life reaches a critically low level the Aer X device will beep and the indicator light will blink red 7 times. This is to alert you that shut down is imminent. The Aer X will save your settings for your next use.Life doesn’t stop because of a diagnosis.

How to clean and care for Aer X Portable

Oxygen Concentrator Machine?

Cannula Replacement

  • Your nasal cannula should be replace on a regular basis. Consult with your physician and/or equipment provider and/or cannula manufacturer’s instructions for replacement information. A single lumen cannula up to 4 feet in length is recommend to ensure proper breath detection and oxygen delivery.Life doesn’t stop because of a diagnosis.

Carry Case and Device Case Cleaning

  • Turn off and disconnect power before cleaning/ replacing parts. You may clean the outside case and the carry case using a cloth dampen with a mild detergent (such as Dawn) and water.Life doesn’t stop because of a diagnosis.

Filter Cleaning and Replacement

  • The inlet air filter must be clean weekly to ensure the ease of air flow. Remove filter from device. Clean the particle filter with a mild liquid detergent (such as Dawn) and water; rinse in water and dry before reuse.
  • Life doesn’t stop because of a diagnosis.


Aer X Portable Oxygen Concentrator Guides

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Life doesn’t stop because of a diagnosis.


Life doesn’t stop because of a diagnosis.


Life doesn’t stop because of a diagnosis.


Life doesn’t stop because of a diagnosis.

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